Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So, How've YOU been?

It's been a few weeks. While I have been malingering there's been some almighty radfem writing going on and you can get your fill over at the second Carnival of Radical Feminists currently hosted at Feminist Law Professors.

I am having a re-think about my Happy Monday! posts. I find that I am becoming tired of trawling through the crap to get at the golden nuggets of joyousness. I'm making myself feel despondent. In future, I shall post Happy Whenever! posts, when and if I spot something worth celebrating and sharing. I hope that these posts will be frequent. I suspect that they will be rare.

I'm going to keep my ramblings about my mental and physical health for posts on t'other blog. I worry that posting such updates and discussions here may be excluding and unsettling some readers. My personal journeys into depression and panic are not always suitable for this space and I think they are better moved to Sometimes Twitchy. Some of you already know the place, the rest of you are welcome to visit!

So that's my short update. Here's to regular radfem blogging and a radical, energised summer!


witchy-woo said...

Good to see you back Pippa :)

Merdeen said...

Yay! you're posting again :)
Glad to see you're feeling a bit better.
I think the 'Happy Whenever' is a brill idea, it's less restricting so there can only be more joyousness to report!? Well, that's my logic anyway....