Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Spot the Deliberate Mistake: Anti-abortion Feminists Have a Website

To be filed under the "oh my god what fresh bollocks is this?" section:

Have a good look round, spot all the glaring inconsistencies (the utter repudiation and dismissal of women's personal choice and autonomous thinking for one) then add to your list of Internet Misogynists...

Yes, Patricia Heaton, women experiencing unplanned pregnancy deserve to experience unplanned joy. However, it is offensive and presumptuous for you to decide that said joy comes solely in the form of a successful confinement. Is it really so hard for you and your ilk to understand that women deserve to make choices about childbirth? Feminists for Life, my fat freckled arse.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Monday!!

I said I would, so here's some things to enjoy, appreciate or just not be too sad about.

First and foremost: Alyx is back! It's lovely to have a new post Alyx, I miss you.

Second: Here's my boy!!
Isn't he adorable? And old. And yes, that's my hand and leg in the second pic.

Third: because these children just make my day every time I see this video...

Have a wonderful week, women. Remember that even when it all seems shitty and futile, there are some amazing things happening. I'll find them... I really will...