Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Monday!!

Three things for you contemplate today:

First and foremost, read and enjoy and identify completely with Audre Lorde's poem Portrait from her collection The Black Unicorn:

Strong women
know the taste
of their own hatred
I must always be
building nests
in a windy place
I want the safety of oblique numbers
that do not include me
a beautiful woman
with ugly moments
secret and patient
as the amused and ponderous elephants
catering to Hannibal's ambition
as they swayed on their own way

Then with woman and power and patience on your mind, go to and revel in her stunning photos of sizeable, touchable, space-claiming women. Good God Almighty these photos make me feel valued and energised and just sooooo happy to be a big, generous radfem woman.

Then get your party hats on and get ready for Wednesday the 29th of November... this radfem turns 35 on that day! Older and wiser and wrinklier, Yay! Aging turns me on.

Enjoy your week, and whatever shit gets thrown your way, fling it back.