Friday, January 11, 2008

This week I have been mostly

putting my hands into bags of unusually wet, mouldy clothing and discovering that said clothing is in fact soiled bedding. Actual poo, people. Poo on my hands. And the thing is, the person who "donated" the diarrhoea-smeared sheets actually looked me in the eye and SMILED at me as she handed me the bag. I have also cut my hand on a bag of broken porcelain figurines. I hate this job. I've ranted before about this and I hate to sound jaded but shitty sheets and smashed up pots? Really?

But! I have also opened bags of the most amazing donations: a gold sovereign, first edition books, beautifully cared for and cleaned clothes, brand new unwanted Christmas gifts! When this happens I love the job. Even though I'm busy being charitable (!) I'm still looking for something PhD related so if anyone has any suggestions? I am working on an article for an academic journal and I am hoping to branch out a bit and write something for our local paper about various Salford-based women's groups.

Oh, and today I am grateful for last night's yoga and also for tasty mushroom cup soup. Yay!


Kitty Glendower said...

That soup sounds good.

Do you have the person's face etched in your mind forever? As in, the next time they come in you can say something like "Thanks for the shitty sheets, it helped a lot."

Good luck on job search.

Anonymous said...

Are you a dyke ? Jeanne

Nella said...

Ew - you officially win on the worst charity shop story ever. You even trump the used butcher's apron i once found in a bag of donations.

Pippa said...

Nooooo! A used butcher's apron? That is disgusting. I once found knickers with a used sanitary towel still adhered to the crotch! People really don't believe you when you tell them how utterly appalling some donations are! P xx