Saturday, September 01, 2007

Margaret. And Me.

I got my internet back! Sporadically. So I'll do my best to catch up with you all when I can. I've been active on the radfem front, the yoga front, the kitten front and the PhD front. Only four weeks to go before I must submit, so posting here will be light until then I'm afraid. Until then, I could use your good thoughts. I feel a tad overwhelmed and lacking in ability! Here's how Margaret is helping me out in her own special way:

She's totally lovely and she smells fantastic. I love burying my nose in her fur! She is my sweetheart. I forgot how goooooood cats are.


witchy-woo said...

Good thoughts winging their way to you Pippa.


spotted elephant said...

Four weeks! I'll be thinking of you.

Pippa said...

Thanks you two. I appreciate your thoughts!

ms. jared said...

OMG she's so frickin' cute! i love her to bits!

good luck on the PhD front. how exciting for you!
xoxo, jared

ms. jared said...

hi pippa,

so to keep her from biting your hands - when you're playing with her and she goes for your hands you want to stop, tell her NO in a firm (but not scary) voice, give her a few more seconds with no play and then try again but with something directed away from your hands like a string or ball or something.

you just have to keep this up over and over and make sure that ANY time she goes for ANYONE's hands you do the STOP, FIRM NO, FEW SECONDS TIME OUT then start again redirecting focus.

basically you want her to learn that if she goes for your hands you're going to stop playing with her and she will want to play so she'll learn to stop doing it. it might take a while, but just be firm, gentle, and consistent. she will learn. mabel used to do it but now she doesn't. it's just patience and consistence.

let me know how it goes. good luck!
xoxo, jared