Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well, Duh...

Of Course abortion rates drop if you insist on parental notification for women under 16 years of age. How uninformed are you Angela Watkinson, MP for Upminster? Parents are then able to assume complete emotional and physical control over their pregnant daughters and compel them to birth a baby that they did not want. Which situation, you appear to think, is no bad thing. However, in the unfortunate and not that rare occasion that the parents and offspring endure a difficult and/or abusive relationship, this parental notification rule could prove disastrous.

Ms Watkinson: please do not assume that all young women have loving, gentle, open minded parents with whom they are able to communicate freely. Please do not assume that every young woman is safe in her own home and with her family. Please do not assume that all young woman can articulate their pain and emotional distress. Please do not assume that young women are never assaulted and made pregnant by their own fathers.

The bill applies also to the provision of contraception...of course this only has any impact on young women who choose to ask for the pill, since anyone can buy a pack of condoms on behalf of anyone else. I will be writing to Angela Watkinson, telling her what I think of this misogynistic bill. I will also be writing to my own MP, urging him to vote against this appalling, woman hating bit of proposed legislation. I hope you will do likewise.


Laura said...

What an idiot. If I'd known my mum had to be told when I went on the pill when I was 15, I wouldn't have done it. But I would still have continued to be sexually active, just in a much less safer manner : ie using condoms that no one had ever properly taught me how to use and that I was too embarrassed to touch, leaving the job to my boyfriend who had also never been properly told how to use them but who, as a man, could not possibly admit that he didn't know what he was doing. It would've been split condom central. And I might have a seven year old child by now.

Way to protect the kids, Angela.

Pippa said...

We all have the stories, i think we ought to collect them and mail them to Watkinson. She needs a reality check. How's Chile?