Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More trans politics

I have been reading around trans lit and theory, as well as Radfem theory and responses to Transactivism. I stand by what I wrote in the previous post. I also find that there are some wonderfully well expressed answers to both Yaeli's comment and the second anon. comment on that post. So, because I can't yet do this amazing and complex topic justice, I shall point you all in the direction of a collection of folks who can:
Questioning Transgender is a website dedicated to exploring the politics of transgender. I particularly recommend the articles about identity politics and womyn-born-womyn spaces. Well, I would!

I also read an excellent essay at reSISTERance but wanted comment that Ian Harvie/Harvey identifies as FTX, that is Female born. Not MTF. I'm not sure that V was clear about that! If You read this V, and you did know, I'm sorry that I misunderstood!

So, Yaeli and anonymous, I hope you read around a little, because I find at the moment, that what I am saying about trans politics is being so much better expressed by others. I hope to learn how to do the same as I go along.


v said...

no i didnt know, i came to that essay from margaret chos blog, and thought it was an interesting piece. i don't quite know what FTX is, so thats something i'm going to have to look up and read about. thanks for pointing this out though, i will put a note on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links! I'll have a read of them and see what I learn. :)