Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mohammed Halim

I don't mention men much here; I think of this blog as a woman space. But today I feel that we should think about, celebrate and remember this human. (WARNING: THIS LINK CONTAINS A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF TORTURE)


stormcloud said...

I have no words.

It is proof that women's oppression is NOT the natural order of things, and must be enforced violently for dissenters.

Pony said...

But what can we do about this? I am just topped up with horror this past few days and want to know what what what can I DO?

The courage that man had to continue, probably knowing full well his fate after the earlier murders of teachers to girls.

Here, yesterday Dec 6, I did an impromptu survey of a couple dozen university students, grad students, medical students re the Montreal Massacre several years ago, where young women were slaughtered for daring to choose engineering. "I hate feminists" Marc Lepine screamed at he shot 23 and killed 14.

None of the very brilliant students I asked knew for sure what the Montreal Massacre was. Dec 6, 1989 to Dec 6 2006=???

How far is it from Afghanistan to Canada? Not as far as we think.

spotted elephant said...

Maybe could you put a warning up that the story is graphic in describing the violence done to him? Thanks!

Pippa said...

Spotted E: Tis done! Well noted.

Pony: I hear you. I don't know what is to be done by us. All I do is keep donating time and money (when I have it), try to be aware that these things are happening now and often, and tell as many people as I can. Sometimes I feel weak. It doesn't feel that I'm doing anything...I welcome suggestions for more pro-active approaches...xx