Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Two Years Ago

our family lost someone. He was suffering and we didn't know it. He took his own life in the morning of 16th August.

What suicide does to those left behind is indescribable. If you or anyone you know is feeling suicidal, ask for help. Grab someone, anyone, and tell them that you don't feel safe. Demand help.

In the US you can look here. In the UK you can look here.

Remember how much you are loved.


ms. jared said...


xoxo, jared

witchy-woo said...

Knowing what it feels like for someone 'left behind' - big hugs to you Pippa.

spotted elephant said...

I'm so sorry, Pippa.

sparkleMatrix said...

7 Years ago, yesterday our family lost a young man 16th Aug 1999 as he took his own life. He was depressed but did not tell anyone, just kept his usual happy go lucky and joker personality on public show. Thank you for sharing this Pippa

Pippa said...

Thanks all. It amazes me how many of us have been through this. How many of us have lost loved ones and how many of us have been suicidal. The one big thing that I have learned from Richard is that I have so much to love and live for. I am lucky that I now feel very much like living! If that sounds flip, it isn't meant to. I am grateful that I feel this way after so many bad years.

sparkle: we share the 16th. Big hug to you.
Witchy: big hug to you too.

And thanks to Spotty and Jared for the love!! It's all good! Pippa xx

v said...

no words, sorry.

with love though

Laura said...

I'm so sorry. xxx