Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Youth Work Training Evening Gets off to a Bad Start. Again.

After the male police officer had handcuffed his guinea pig, he pushed her head down and made stupid jokes about fucking and showed us how very easy it was to control the woman whose body he was using. He made jokes about dicks and length and truncheons and "tugging", he was suggestive and lewd and gross and I called him on it. I said, after some minutes where I was frightened of sounding stupid or reactionary or aggressive: "I will rip yours off if you mention dick again, there's only so much penis I can take in an evening". Then I went silent. Feeling a bit silly because people laughed and because it came out wrong and a bit "Carry on Matron", I wished I hadn't said anything. Later, I went to the guinea pig ( a feminist who I have respected and admired) and apologised for my outburst (I still often have a need to do this, but I will get over it); I explained that the copper and his omnipresent prick had triggered my rage. She patted my shoulder and told me that never mind, he's a great guy, always joking around, that's just his way. Amazingly, I felt better about the whole thing. If that's just his way then he needs to be challenged and belittled until it stops being his way. Its not fucking good enough to be always joking around, especially when that joking around looks like sexual assault.


asdgasdfaserwe said...

I know it's a worn out question that gets used a lot, but would he have like it if he was hand-cuffed and pushed down while some man was making 'jokes' about truncheons?

Sarah Louise Parry said...

I would have clubbed him around the head with it.

Insensitive dickhead.

Laura said...

Fucking hell, that's awful; once again it is obvious why so many people do not approach the police when they've been sexually assulted.

nectarine said...

Thats crazy, what was he supposed to be teaching you? jesus no one would have got away with behaving like that in my youth work training, too many of our youth work managers were kickas women, cant beleive no one else said anything.

witchy-woo said...

never mind, he's a great guy, always joking around, that's just his way.

So funny, eh?

Christ on a bike.