Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oh Dear.

That's the title of my new section in the sidebar. There you can find links to all things ludicrous, offensive, ill thought out, anti-woman, anti-choice or just plain sorry. I'll give it a trial and add to it as I find fodder. If it causes offence or seems just plain pointless then I'll remove it.

My theory is "know your enemy".


spotted elephant said...

"Know your enemey" is a very good strategy.

I've seen Ladies Against Feminism before, but I never stop marveling at the name.

sparkleMatrix said...

Re: Ladies against Feminists in your "Oh dear" link says...
"The home is a gallery full of pictures of the exhibition of that family's life. If someone were to walk through your house, what would he see, and what kind of conclusions would he reach about life? Discordant notes or a beautiful, flowing musical composition?"

Errr He would see a symphony of chaos in mine. Kitchen full of empty wine bottle and pans of veggie curry. Over flowing ashtrays, piles of books and art materials. Oh yes and an overpowering smell of fags and garlic.