Friday, July 07, 2006

Amy's Mix Came Today!!

Having taken part in the great Feminist Music Swap organised by the delectable Ms Jared at Sinister Girl, waiting for the post has become more exciting than I could imagine! So far I have had six mix CDs loaded with amazing feminist music. I have fabulous new music options! I am loving SleaterKinney, Azure Ray, Alix Olson, Dirty 3, The Donnas, Pink ( who would have thought!) Dar Williams, Vienna Teng, Judy Small and others... I am thinking of distilling all the best songs into one great big mixed mix version!

I bought the Dixie Chicks new CD too; I have an embarrasment of riches! Thanks you women!

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ms. jared said...

i've been really happy with all the mixes too! i actually did make a new playlist of all my favorites from the mixes i've received. quite a nice way to build oneself up in the morning before embarking on a world determined to tear us down.

happy friday!
xoxo, jared