Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Green Fingers.

I was awestruck by Yawning Lion's fantastic post today over at Feh-Muh-Nist. She talked about her imagined garden and how bare and dry it seemed, with its unwanted electric fence. She talked of relationships and memories, and the delights of summer. She talked about taking down the walls that keep us in and others out. She is getting the hard work done. It was a delight to read. In honour of that delicious post I am showing you my good garden.

Everything within the fences has been begged, borrowed or stolen. I try not to spend money on plants if I can help it. I go to my garden when I need some rest or some energy; I do the work that needs doing and it refreshes me. It is not the garden of my dreams, but it is close! My metaphorical (feminist) garden is sometimes way behind in development and is often wanting for water and nourishment, but I'm working on it!

PS: Ignore the washing lines!


ms. jared said...

how gorgeous! i'm so envious. it's just beautiful and you are so lucky.

someday i'll move out of the city to santa cruz maybe, where i can have a lovely garden of my own and a nice big porch with a porch swing...

xoxo, jared

witchy-woo said...

'Tis lovely.

Laura said...

Beautiful :)

Yawning Lion said...

Hi Pippa,
Thanks... I think I'm blushing a bit. Your garden is beautiful!
Yawning Lion